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OHA refuses to negotiate rates with our union until a scheduling mechanism is established. SB 584 would create state-based scheduling and paying system for HCI to get direct access to Medicaid and OHP appointments. Passing this bill is vital to winning a contract with better pay for HCIs. 

SB 584 will: 

  • Direct OHA to construct an online scheduling and billing system that allows the State to pay interpreters directly for Medicaid and OHP appointments

  • Give Health Care Interpreters the ability to collectively negotiate a contract with the State of Oregon directly.

  • States the portal will be used for Medicaid and Oregon Health Plan appointments only through 2028. 

  • Establish a Healthcare Interpreter Retention Fund to keep interpreters in the profession.

State representatives must hear from us about the challenges we experience as healthcare interpreters. Passing this bill is vital to winning a contract with better pay for HCIs.


  • Does not change our independent contractor status

  • Does not replace language agencies for all interpretation appointments 

  • Does not limit our ability to work with the agencies we want to work with 

  • Does not get rid of remote interpreting 

How does SB 584 help improve Health Care Interpreters' working conditions?

Having a union for Medicaid and OHP appointments means that interpreters get a seat at the table when negotiating rates, mileage reimbursements, and other working conditions. Every 2-3 years we would re-open the contract to continue to make improvements, and we get to hold the state accountable if they don't follow the contract. That being said, interpreters need to push for these wins, if the state can save money, I'm sure they will try. We need to constantly organize for big wins. 

Why do we need to cut off language agencies?

Currently, the state gives CCOs funding for expenses related to Medicaid/OHP appointments, the CCOs contract with private language agencies such as Passport to Languages, and then they contract interpreters. This bill would create a scheduling/billing system so that interpreters can be contracted directly for OHP/Medicaid appointments rather than having to go through language agencies.

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