Interpreters in Action

Who is Oregon Interpreters in Action?

In 2019, hundreds of interpreters came together to pass a law that gave certified and qualified Health Care Interpreters (HCI) in Oregon the right to unionize and to collectively negotiate with the State over the rate of pay and working conditions for OHP appointments. We, as health care interpreters, work within a system that creates additional challenges in an already challenging field. Low wages, inconsistent scheduling, lack of training and education, poor standards, and many other hurdles prevent this work from leading to a sustainable career for many.

By standing together, we've pushed for legislation that directed OHA to provide free or low-cost training and CEUs, required that language agencies and providers work with qualified and certified interpreters, and fought for and won half a million in funding distributed to HCI as bonuses in 2023. 

Our fight for sustainable working conditions is just getting started! With the passage of SB 1578, we will soon be able to schedule and receive payments for OHP appointments directly from the State. As a union, we'll have the right to collectively bargain over rates, minimum appointment durations, mileage, and other benefits! Together, we can advocate for the resources we need to standardize our profession, retain experienced interpreters, and provide the quality interpretation services that our community deserves.

Are you eligible to join the union? If you answered yes to the following questions, you're eligible!

  • Are you qualified/certified with OHA as a health care interpreter?
  • Are you self-employed?
  • Have you interpreted in the last 6 months?

We are thrilled to announce that our union bargaining team is back to contract negotiations with the State of Oregon!

Health Care Interpreters work every day to help people in our communities get the care they need.

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