Green Out the Capitol for Worker Safety on February 19th

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As the 2024 short legislative session begins, we are building toward an in-person Oregon AFSCME Lobby Day to ensure our stories are heard by legislators.

For AFSCME members across the state, safety and security at work are top priorities. It’s up to us to make sure that worker safety and security are at the forefront of our leaders' concerns. We want to take over the capitol and let legislators know that our members, our work, and our families matter to the state.

February 19th is a state holiday, and we want to take advantage of this time by filling the Capitol with AFSCME green!

Whether this is your first lobby day or you’ve attended several in the past, we’ll provide training in the morning to help share your story and maximize your impact. Following lunch, have small group meetings set up for you with your legislators to talk about the work you and your colleagues are doing.

Worried about transportation? We’re working on providing carpooling options!

Register now for Oregon AFSCME’s 2024 Lobby Day and help Green Out the Capitol!

By engaging with our legislators, we’re building relationships and showing the importance of the work we do every day. Legislators will be making important decisions that affect our day to day life during the short session, and it’s vital they’re hearing from us.

Together we can make a real difference this legislative session.