Standing with the people of Ukraine

AFSCME Family: 

We have all watched with shock and outrage the latest developments in Ukraine. This sovereign democracy is under military attack by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, with entire cities leveled and civilian populations targeted.

 Ukrainians are demonstrating extraordinary courage and resolve in standing up to a violent autocrat. Their defense of their country is nothing short of inspiring. 

AFSCME’s belief in human rights – wherever in the world they may be threatened – demands that we do what we can. Last week, our International Executive Board passed a resolution (attached here) expressing our solidarity with the people of Ukraine, including a strong condemnation of Putin’s aggression and our support for economic sanctions designed to cripple the Russian economy. 

We hope that you will also consider a contribution to international relief organizations that are moving humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine, who are engaged in a heroic fight to save their families, their communities and their nation. Please click on any of the links below to donate. Thank you.

In solidarity,

 Lee Saunders                                   



Elissa McBride